About Us


Our Vision

It has long been my dream to provide a place that people love to come and be themselves! Art is such a great platform to allow children and adults alike to explore the creative side of their brain.  We work hard to ensure that all individuals that enter our Studio space leave feeling great!

They have potential, They have ideas. We provide the instruction, inspiration and the space to create!

Our Story

Every business has a beginning......

My daughter was turning 10 and wanted a paint party for her birthday. I called around and there were no providers for children in the Permian Basin. So after a trip to the craft store and $500 later we had everything we needed for her party. It was so much fun! For the next 4 years I provided mobile services for Birthday parties and Adult Paint & Sip events all across West Texas. In May of 2017 I decided it was time to open The Studio location in San Miguel Square so that I could continue to provide great services but even better. I had ideas for summer camps, worry free birthday parties and I love working with wood. The Studio location has been a dream come true and we look forward to providing many great services to the Permian Basin for many years to come!

Meet The Team

"There is something special when creative people get together" Joy Mangano


Keysha Kidd


Keysha Kidd is first and foremost... a mom and wife. She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and has found through the years that laughter IS the best therapy! After 10 years in the business world she decided to stay home after the birth of her second child. That was now several years ago and they are still having a blast everyday.  Keysha is extremely patient, kind and full of energy. She is natural when it comes to children and with her bubbly personality she keeps children engaged in the activity.


Ashley Ohlman

Party Coordinator 

Ashley is the mother of two energetic and kind boys and a wife to an amazing husband. She home-schools her two boys and they have tons of fun at home and in their studies. She is an extremely kind and giving person and will probably be the first person you see when you walk into our Studio as she also keep all of us Artists organized!


Anna Lien


Anna is an Artist and Student at Midland College. She comes from a large family and loves children and art! She is full of personality and keeps the children engaged with her fun outgoing style. She also has  beautiful voice and will often begin singing when you least expect it!


McKenzie Stovall


McKenzie is an Artist and Student at Midland College. She looks forward to a career in Art  when she graduates from college. She has a large and loving family in Midland and is the oldest of the group. She loves teaching children art and encouraging them to be creative in their own way. While she loves working with the kids you will also see her leading some of our Adult Paint & Sip events as well!

Are you an Artist?

Do you love children or have a special skill that lends itself to the studio environment? We would love to talk to you about working at The Studio.